Let's Get REAL About Your Photo Business

My one-on-one coaching container will help you take your photo business to the next level without compromising your wellbeing.


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I'm Eric Kelley

With almost 20 years of experience in the luxury wedding industry, I know what it takes to create, develop, establish, maintain and grow a multi-six figure, character-driven business. With a family.

We do our work as photographers to enhance our lives not to take us from them.

My unique approach teaches you how to become a photographer and entrepreneur whose business and life are full of value.

If you're at the beginning, in the middle or ready to make the jump to the luxury wedding market, I can help you get there.

Because I've done it all. 


What Clients Are Saying:

"One conversation with Eric took my revenue from 10K to 30K per wedding. He is so generous with his knowledge and expertise."

- 1:1 Client

"Eric has changed the way I do business. I feel great about my work, and I bring so much value to my clients, now.

- 1:1 Client

"From total overwhelm to complete clarity of mind. I cannot thank Eric enough for his wisdom and coaching strength."

- 1:1 Client